Estate Planning
*** Create a legacy ***
With AT4P in your estate planning, you will establish a legacy that will last for generations, creating a better future for homeless pets for years to come.

Legacy gifts help build long-term financial stability and sustainability for the groundbreaking programs at Austin Pets Alive! that have been the key to making our community a national leader in saving pets’ lives.

Almost everyone has the ability to create a legacy gift, and for most people it’s the largest gift they can make. Consult with your lawyer or financial adviser about the many ways you can create your legacy by making A Time 4 Paws a beneficiary of your will, retirement account, life insurance policy, or living trust.

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Ensuring Care for Your Pets After You’re Gone
If you have pets, you want the comfort of knowing they will be cared for and loved after you pass away. We strongly recommend that you remember your pets when crafting your will and ask a family member or friend to be their guardian. But if you have no one you trust to care for them, A time 4 Paws can ensure your pet is well looked after and well-loved for the rest of its lifetime.

Through the organization, residents of the greater Cumberland County, who leave a small bequest to AT4P can guarantee lifetime care of their pets should their pets survive them.

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