Pet Food Pantry

Sometimes, all that is needed to keep a pet in its home, where it belongs, is a little food and a little help.

A Time 4 Paws introduced the Community Pet Food Pantry (previously known as Animeals) in 2009, to Cumberland County residents who are receiving home-delivered meals through a local resource center. Currently, the Community Pet Food Pantry helps residents who are in financial crisis and need temporary food for their pets.

Your donations of food, supplies and flea medications are greatly appreciated and can be dropped off at  the Crossville & Fairfield Glade Food City locations, as well as Pet$ense in Crossville.

Q. Who qualifies for the Community Pet Food Pantry?

A. Anyone in a “Short Term” Hardship, i.e. loss of job, short term illness, caring a pet from a deceased loved one, temporary financial hardship.

Q. What is meant by “Short Term” Hardship?

A. On average, someone who may be inflicted with a hardship for about a month or so. If you just need to get back on your feet in a short time, we can help.

Q. Do I need to provide any information about my pet?

A.  Please bring proof of spaying/neutering. Due to the nature of our organization, it is a requirement

Q. How often can I get assistance from the Community Pet Food Pantry?

A. You can request help up to 2 times per year.

Q. Are there any other requirements?

A. Due to the nature of our organization, we require pets to be spayed or neutered. If at your initial visit, your pet is not spayed or neutered, we will are happy to provide you with food assistance. Upon second visit, we REQUIRE proof of spaying/neutering before we can provide the additional assistance. This is our policy!!

Q.  How will you know if I have or have not requested help in the past?

A. Our staff will take your information and record your visit, including the required information of saying/neutering