39 Chihuahua Dogs Rescued

A local animal welfare organization helped rescue 39 Chihuahua dogs from a Lake Tansi residence after the owners voluntarily surrendered the animals to the rescue organization.

“We have contacted three or four rescues who have reached out to help,” said Karen McMeekin, director of A Time 4 Paws. “The dogs appeared fed but full of fleas and skin irritation. Some were blind and some had deformities. Most of the dogs were relatively young.”

McMeekin was contacted Nov. 16 by an animal rescue in Columbia, TN. Family members had contacted that rescue organization about the animals but the organization had not been able to secure a commitment to surrender the animals.

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A Time 4 Paws is a no-kill nonprofit animal welfare organization based in Crossville, Tennessee. Our mission is to provide and promote the education and programs necessary to eliminate the killing of homeless dogs and cats and to prevent cruelty to animals.

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