Dear A Time 4 Paws Supporters, 

Our dedicated work can be summed up with one word — perseverance — along with a true love for animals. This year alone, A Time 4 Paws helped hundreds of homeless and neglected animals find their second chance at life, happiness, and love.
Take the story of Man, a handsome hound mix who came to us this fall. A kind, young woman acquired Man after her then-boyfriend adopted him from a kill shelter. Sadly, the boyfriend  — high on drugs — didn’t even remember adopting a dog. She left the boyfriend and took Man with her, and then patiently worked with Man on his hand shyness and separation anxiety. When she was unable to find affordable housing that would accept a large dog, she searched all over the state to find a no-kill rescue organization — and found A Time 4 Paws! Thanks to the Vires family, Man — now Cooper — has found his forever home for the holidays. Thank you Jeffrey, Penelope, and Miley for opening your hearts and your home.  

It’s stories like Man’s that inspire us and keep us working hard. With the start of each day, we are determined to intake, save, and rehabilitate as many animals as possible. However, our team faces challenges on an hourly basis, such as:
— How can we take in a massive influx of animals from a hoarding or puppy mill case?
— How can we raise funds to pay for a surrendered cat’s insulin treatments?
— How can we educate our community on animal care and the cruelty of dog/cock fighting?
— How can we help change laws to make our community better for animals?

After nearly 15 years of hard work, we are proud to say we are still “changing lives one paw at a time.” Our community outreach programs are assisting people who want to keep their pets. Our fundraising thrift store is helping us meet our mark. And our adoption center is operating at capacity — not only helping the animals in our care, but also acting as a healing center for the people of all ages who visit us and learn empathy for life in all forms. We are grateful to serve as an example in the community and to inspire the next generation of animal advocates.

Persistent? Yes, we are. But we can’t do this work alone. We need the community’s help to save as many pets as possible. As a privately run nonprofit with no affiliation to the county, we rely on the generous donations of animal lovers like you.

Please consider making a tax-deductible gift this year to help us give a new life to those who are defenseless and without a voice. You will have a direct impact in saving lives and ending animal suffering, neglect, and abuse. 

Every donation makes a difference.
With much gratitude,

Karen McMeekin
Founder and President
A Time 4 Paws

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