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A Time 4 Paws mission is to provide and promote the education and programs necessary to eliminate the killing of homeless dogs and cats and to prevent cruelty to animals.


A Time 4 Paws is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal welfare organization that takes direct action in several ways.  First, we conduct rescues of animals who fall victim to abuse.  Second, we provide public awareness & education about animals that have been rescued from substandard living conditions and abuse situations. Third, we offer adopting opportunities of our rescued animals, to homes that have been vetted, prior to adoption, so that they may live out their lives with caring families.

We work closely with local law enforcement agencies, other shelters and our community, to expand education and awareness for the prevention cruelty to animals and protection of abused.

About Us:

A Time 4 Paws is a no-kill nonprofit animal welfare organization based in Crossville, Tennessee.  Founded in 2005 – Karen McMeekin set out to make a difference in the community by initiating a shelter to protect abused and neglected animals using the “No-Kill” philosophy.  “No-Kill” is an innovative, cost-effective model of animal sheltering that allows open admission animal control shelters to save all healthy and treatable animals.  Unlike the “adopt some and kill the rest” form of animal sheltering that has dominated the United States for the past 100 years and is responsible for the needless deaths of millions of healthy and treatable animals every year.  No Kill shelters are saving as high as 99% of all animals entrusted to their care.

Meet The Team

Karen McMeekin


Karen is the founder and president of A Time 4 Paws. When she moved to Tennessee in 2004, she learned the plight of the homeless pets in the area. Determined to help these animals, she founded A Time 4 Paws, an organization based on the NoKill Philosophy. Through that association’s efforts, the number of killed, incarcerated, abused, and neglected dogs and cats has been...
Teresa Williams

Vice President

Teresa is involved in the daily running of the shelter as much as she is out in the field saving animals.
Janice Lovern


Janice worked in the Florida Court System for 13 years in Sarasota County, Florida before going to work as the Executive Director for the State Attorney’s Office of the Twelfth Judicial Circuit for 18 years. Her duties included budgeting, personnel, payroll and legislative activities. She and her husband Roger retired in 2000. They did a...

A Tribute to Ruth Esther Werner

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Our Goals

Adoption Services 83%
Animal Protection 91%
Spay/Neuter Programs 74%
Humane Education 64%
Return of lost pets to families 95%

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